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The Office of Business and Administrative Services (OBAS) manages the OCIO's roughly $53 Million dollar budget including formulation and execution, provides workforce management, acquisition support and administrative support for the OCIO organization.  OBAS also provides departmental IT program/project/portfolio oversight for IT investments; administers the Commerce Information Technology Review Board (CITRB); manages and supports the Departmental CIO Council; and manages the OCIO Performance Excellence and Customer Service Program for the OCIO organization.

The Commerce IT Review Board (CITRB)

The CITRB reviews the risk, health, status and progress of IT initiatives to ensure DOC investments are successfully meeting program milestones, objectives and targets. The CITRB performs routine review and oversight, and conducts an annual budget formulation review to ensure IT investments employ sound IT methodologies, effective cyber security measures, implement provisions of the Clinger-Cohen Act, and align with Federal IT mandates and initiatives.

The CIO Council

OBAS additionally facilitates the twice monthly meetings of the Department's CIO Council. Chaired by the Department's CIO, and including CIO representation from 10 of its 13 bureaus, the CIO Council facilitates the formulation, implementation and monitoring of Department IT strategies and initiatives. The CIO Council serves as the forum for communications, collaborative planning, reporting, and support for policies and decisions that relate to Department-wide IT priorities and initiatives.

Administrative and Business Operations

OBAS provides front office coordination, financial management, human resources, and acquisition coordination for the OCIO organization. Additionally, OBAS staff coordinate OCIO's Performance Management program and oversees OCIO Customer Service and employee engagement initiatives.  

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