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Commerce IT Review Board (CITRB) provides departmental IT program/project oversight for all major IT investments.  The CITRB reviews project risk, status and progress in order to ensure that DOC investments employ sound IT investment and management methodologies to identify potential problem areas and/or issues. 

The CITRB is chaired by the Chief Information Officer and co-chaired by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Assistant Secretary for Administration. Other members include the Deputy CIO; the Deputy CFO; the CIO's from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Bureau of the Census, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and International Trade Administration, and, on a rotating term basis not to exceed two years unless waived by the CIO, two other operating unit CIOs.

What Kinds of IT Projects Does the CITRB Review?

Systems that may be reviewed by the CITRB meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Systems meriting special attention due to their sensitivity, mission criticality, or risk potential;
  • Department-wide systems where resources are shared between bureaus and/or the Department;
  • Systems with life cycle costs over $10 million.

Proposed new IT projects come before the CITRB when budget proposals are due, usually in June. Project sponsors provide documentation to support new IT initiatives to the Office of the Chief Information Officer and the CITRB. Project sponsors also brief the CITRB on the merits of their projects during the budget review process. The CITRB uses the criteria mentioned above to rate and rank IT projects. Project ratings and recommendations are provided to the Office of Budget and Departmental executives. Those projects that receive high ratings generally receive priority status in the budget approval process.

The Board also evaluates projects under development to ensure that the investments are meeting cost, schedule, and performance goals, and after implementation to assess lessons learned.

More Information on the CITRB

  • Commerce's Information Technology Review (ITR) Program Charter
  • CITRB Evaluation Criteria
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