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Welcome Message from the CIO

Welcome to the Department of Commerce Office of the Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) website!  Technology supports Commerce’s mission, which is why the Office of the CIO is committed to implementing and supporting information advancements critical to the Department’s success.

As the CIO, I am charged with providing IT leadership throughout the Department. Open communication is essential to our success, so I welcome your input in identifying technological needs and opportunities.

We are proud of the initiatives and new technologies our office has created to realign mission-critical IT environments for employees and customers. We continuously update our vision to ensure delivery of the latest, most secure, and dependable IT infrastructure.

This is an exciting time for Commerce and our collective vision for the future is simple…to help Commerce’s employees and customers manage an increasingly complex and information-rich world with the best IT tools available. 

Our Mission

The OCIO’s mission is to provide information technology leadership that advances the Department of Commerce’s mission, improves IT management effectiveness, and delivers superior results to our customers and to the citizens of the United States. The OCIO supports the use of leading edge IT to enable the Department to accomplish its mission effectively, while delivering excellence in the products and services provided to its customers. This is accomplished in part by leading the Department’s IT strategic and operational planning process and through the development and implementation of policies in the areas of information technology planning and oversight, management, acquisition, enterprise architecture, electronic government, and cyber security.

Our Vision

To be a recognized center of Information Technology leadership, fostering an environment that cultivates an open, collaborative, and unifying culture.

Our Values

Customer Focus and Commitment: We take ownership, both individually and collectively, for what we do and the high quality of the results we strive to achieve. Each person responds to and follows up on client needs in a respectful, timely and appropriate manner, recognizing the diverse sets of stakeholders who depend on our work.

Valuing Employees: We support our employees’ need to balance their personal and professional aspirations. We treat each other with dignity, respecting individual and cultural differences. We communicate frequently and with candor, listening to each other regardless of level or position.

Teamwork: We work together, support one another, and communicate openly in order to live the mission and achieve the vision.

Accountability: Each of us represents the OCIO to the best of his or her ability, assuming responsibility and ownership for one’s own commitments and those of the organization. Life-long Learning: Leadership and individuals share responsibility for the ongoing professional development and learning by OCIO staff, in support of both professional growth and organizational objectives.

Integrity: Each person conducts himself or herself in an open, forthright, and impeccably trustworthy manner, free of hidden agendas, and treating all dealings and conversations with customers and peers with honesty, sensitivity, objectivity, and consideration for others.

Stewardship: We take responsibility, both individually and collectively, for the stewardship of the Government’s IT investments and information systems, protecting the personal formation of citizens, and taking all reasonable measures to ensure appropriate management of the information assets entrusted to us.

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